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a midnight encounter : Wayne crane slash fanfic

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Mar. 2nd, 2011 | 12:39 am
Feeling A Bit: awakeawake
posted by: amyconner1985 in toaster_fiction

Bruce shifted uneasily in his sleep. It had been days since he had been able to sleep well at night if at all. Lack of rest and recurring nightmares somewhat made his job as batman a tinge more difficult than it already was. It didn't do well at all to start hearing strange voices in the middle of a chase or having hallucinations while dealing with the joker or the cat woman. Joker's manic gleeful laugh was enough to make him loose his senses without having to deal with strange visions. He was having one of those right now.

He shifted from one angle to another, breaking in cold sweat in his semi consciousness before opening his eyes in horror, now fully awake. He sat up in a sitting position, panting a little. His mind was till unfocussed, trying to recover from the strangeness of the dream. He looked about himself and for the first time he noticed his room was extremely dark, as dark as the night.

It couldn't be he thought I came home about before dawn. It has to be morning at least if not noon he reasoned. But the room remained dark. His heart was beating a bit faster. He couldn't fathom why. It was probably because he had never been in a situation when he felt so out of control. He felt that now, in his own bedroom. He very slowly got off the bed and moved towards the nearest window. The drapes were still drawn. It was evident Alfred hadn't been in the room. He touched the soft blackish red silk with his trembling hands. Something about the way they hung loosely gave him a feeling of misgiving. He jerked the curtain aside and windows opened up in more dark nothingness. Suddenly he heard the familiar sound, flap of wings and before he could react thousand bats came in through the window starching his face attacking his body all over. He yelled out in pain, his lips mouthing a terrified yelp. After all the years of training nothing could have prepared him for this. He went down on his knees, trying unsuccessfully to use his hands to cover his head from the flying rodents' attacks.

"They are not real" he heard a voice, cold and distant, but coming from someplace close. He didn't dare to look up for a while but the silence was unnerving so he did. The room was still dark but the bats were gone, like they weren't there at all. But someone else was. He was sitting comfortably in his armchair; his 90lbs body almost drowning in that expensive leather. The expression on his face was hard to read but not his eyes. They still glowed with evil passion in the midst of emptiness like a dragon's treasured sapphire.

Bruce stood up, shaking and speechless. He looked directly at the intruder who was now visibly chuckling. Unlike the joker's manic laughter, this giggle held an element of sanity even though its owner wasn't. That made it even more terrifying.

"I always wondered what made the bat-man afraid" his voice drawled "now I know" he chuckled once again.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in here?" Bruce asked him stupidly.

" oh the same questions …. But you didn't ask me the most important question"

"which is?"

"How did I know you, the prince of Gotham is the batman"

Bruce blinked a little realizing the truth in his statement. He was tempted to ask but somehow he felt the man wanted him to ask and he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing how nonplussed he felt around him. So he remained quiet, glaring in the darkness.

The voice sounded amused if not skeptical when it spoke next

"Don't push yourself so much Bruce . Don't injure your brains more than you have to. Ok I will tell you. Consider it a gift from an old friend"

The giggle again.

"You told me Bruce"

"It's a lie. I never even met you as Bruce Wayne" Bruce yelled forgetting he just confessed to being the illegal vigilante.

"Of course you didn't Bruce. After all we never actually socialized in the same circle." His voice was skeptical and sarcastic now. It was oddly cold and foreign.

"But the batman and I have something in common dont we?

"We don't" he screamed once again.

"Of course we do. We both had difficult childhood. Both project anger in different ways. We both needed to hold someone responsible for our woes. We both made them and overcompensated with something else"

'I never killed anyone"

"But you wanted to do you? You were one step away from becoming one of them, one of us but you did make them pay. You took them down one by one." His voice sounded a bit awed.

"I knew the batman had to have some sort of troubled past. No one would venture into that life so willingness unless he was a total nut case which you are of course. Its my professional opinion" he grinned " but he had to be wealthy too, who else could have access to state of art technology without having money? You know men have generally very low IQ. They should have figured it out when the batman first appeared"

Bruce listened to all the psycho babble in stunned silence. He realized how accurate his observation was and how freakishly intelligent he was. He looked at him once again and sighed.

With brains like that he could have done great things he mused. He looked at him straight in the eye and asked

"why are you here tonight ?what do you want from me?money ? blackmail?"

"You don't get it do you Bruce? Don't you know why I am here?" the Doctor's voice had softened and sounded so oddly unlike his own.

Bruce felt a sudden movement in the darkness. Jonathan crane had gotten up from his chair. He could feel him standing very close to where he was standing. He could almost smell his after shave. It smelt of a meadow. His heart began to pound faster when he felt him come closer and closer towards him. Now he could smell his hair as well. His hair was deeply intoxicating. He was torn between his urge to move away from the mad man and to grab him by his hair. But somehow he felt he was the one in control.

The voice spoke

"You don't get it. Do you Bruce?" his voice was painfully soft now. He felt a soft delicate hand brushing his cheeks and he felt himself immediately burning with desire.

"Yes" he could barely get the word out when he felt soft luscious mouth crushing into his. He felt his entire body, every inch reacting to the touch. He grabbed him by the waist and kissed him back, his body aching painfully with desire. He stumbled backwards as Jon's kiss became more and more forceful, his mouth and teeth biting, caressing and injuring him at the same time. He felt himself being pushed by the slight framed psychopath, into his bed. The relentless kissing continued. He could only moan in pleasure. He could feel himself completely at the mercy of the doctor who was now nibbling at his ears uttering sweet nothings. He pulled him closer to his chest, feeling Jonathan's pulse and beat. Suddenly his leg hit something, probably the bed lamp and it crushed with a huge thud.

"I am so sorry" Jonathan said but his voice sounding different.

Bruce forced himself to open his eyes and immediately felt blinded by the daylight.

"I am sorry master Wayne, I seem to have broken your bed lamp" Alfred announced.

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Re: Largest Ebook Library 2

from: amyconner1985
date: Mar. 7th, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)

whats this ?

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