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toaster_fiction's Journal

Wayne/Crane Fanfiction! And much more.
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WELCOME, toasters!

Hello! And welcome to fallencadence's Wayne/Crane community! With much, much love to wayne_crane, of course! ♥ We're just extending the toaster love, my friends.

This community is for Wayne/Crane fanfiction, posts of role plays, drabbles, and other such fiction that has to do with the pairing of Bruce Wayne and Dr. Jonathan Crane in... words... and such. ^_^ (Because fallencadence is addicted to making communities like crack. *ahem*)

Accepted Fiction:
[x] FanFiction (Any kind! Just please mark the rating, because everyone likes to know what they're getting themselves into.)
[x] Role Plays (If you've RPed the two of them, and would like to randomly post portions (Or the whole thing!) of it up here for everyone's amusement, you can do so! We'll be happy to read it. ^^)
[x] Drabbles (Don't really know what to say here but... we accept 'em!)

[x] Mark all fanfiction/role plays/drabbles with warnings, please! Tell us if you're giving us kinky sex, because if you are... we'd like to know beforehand. Some people don't like it. (I know, really? Craziness. ^^;)
[x] If you're posting a role play, we'd love to read it, but please post in sections... I've role played myself, and I don't think anyone wants to sift through eight miles of role play at once. But we'd still love to read it.
[x] If you're posting an RP, we'd like to know all the people involved as well. If they want to be known or have an LJ account, please mention them in the author's section of the... little... explanation thingy. Yes.
[x] Please post all fanfiction and role plays behind a cut. Drabbles can be outside a cut, unless you've smacked an NC-17 warning label on it.
[x] Anything rated R or NC-17 should be behind a cut, including drabbles. With warnings. REMEMBER THE WARNINGS. o_o Please.
[x] Be nice to people! Do NOT flame anyone for any reason, or you will be expelled from the community without warning.
[x] PLEASE, PLEASE NO HET. Not unless it pertains to the slashy goodness, or something. Most people don't like that kind of thing when they're in search of mansmex. Het is okay for angsty reasons, and stuff, but we're going to need some mansmex in there somewhere.