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provoked : sequel to a midnight encounter

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Mar. 2nd, 2011 | 12:43 am
Feeling A Bit: awakeawake
posted by: amyconner1985 in toaster_fiction

Bruce couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Alfred standing amidst the morning sunrays, holding a tray, looking extremely guilty for some reason. His mind went blank for a few seconds. I was with Jonathan he thought still gaping at Alfred foolishly. How did he come in here? Where is Jonathan he wondered jerking his head around to see if the good doctor was hiding somewhere. Finding no one else in the room he sat up in his bed, confused and still in a daze.
If Alfred found this behavior erratic he didn’t show it. Of course he had seen his share of madness from the billionaire who also went by the name batman so sitting up in bed and looking around stupidly for some unknown thing or someone wasn’t new to the old butler. He gently put his tray down on the bed side table and stooped down to pick up the last remains of what had been his young master’s bed side lamp. This movement provoked something in Bruce.
No sooner the man had stooped down to pick the trash Bruce jumped up in his bed in real alarm his eyes bulging out.
I had been dreaming. I had been bloody dreaming about crane he mused, terrified. What is stranger? That I should be dreaming about a man who is a criminal or the fact I thought the dream was real? Bruce murmured in his head miserably. He buried down his head in his giant pillows hoping they would eat him up which of course they didn’t.
“Master Wayne” Alfred interrupted his suicidal thoughts. He didn’t raise his head at all, remained hidden behind the pillows.
“Is something bothering you? Do you need someone to talk to?” Alfred’s voice was now full of worry. The only person Bruce was able to connect with at some level after his parent’s death was Rachel Dawes. But the joker had made sure they never talked again.

Bruce slowly repositioned himself trying to get a grip on himself.
“No thank you Alfred. I have had a long night. Didn’t realize it was morning.” His own words sounded incoherent even to himself.

Alfred didn’t respond. Something was bothering Bruce. But something was stopping him from opening up. Alfred didn’t press. He hoped that peace would come eventually to the tortured kid and he would be able to cope with whatever demons he was fighting with now. Saddened at the thought he picked up the tray and left noiselessly without reminding him about breakfast or the board meeting.

Bruce got up and went to the windows. It felt so real. Why did it feel so real? I distinctly remember the fragrance of his cologne…. The kisses felt so real his inside hurt with these tortured thoughts. He looked at the sky. It was crystal clear for once, beaming with sunrays. Not surprisingly it reminded him of someone. A painful yelp left his throat as he felt his knees buckle and he felt himself kneeling on the floor sobbing quietly.
What have you done crane. What did you do to me? He sobbed
Is this the punishment for spraying you with your won fear toxin? Is this my retribution? That I should be spending the rest of my life wondering? What did you use this time you little psychopath? Bruce silently screamed.
What was it? He was actually laughing at this point. Joker joker joker he chuckled to himself I really now do see the funny side. The man I had despised for so long is intruding my life and I cant even tell whether it was a dream or was real. He was hysterical. Nothing could hold back his emotions now. Tears ran down his face as he remembered Rachel. Sweet Rachel…smart Rachel…Rachel who believed in harmony. …. His life had come to a standstill after her death ….
Now I am dreaming about your assailant he laughed once nodding his head. His vision had gone blurry and now all he could see was crane’s smirking face. He was having the time of his life, some secret that only he knew and no one else.
Bruce stopped laughing at looked at what was a mirage.
Tell me you bastard what did you do to me he yelled at nothing wiping his tears away. He stared at the wall where he imagined Jonathan to be.
“Bruce” a voice in his head quietly said “don’t fight it anymore. I provoked something in you Bruce I admit. And it’s not going to go away. If you want it to stop or want to understand or continue with this feeling, something you haven’t felt since Rachel died, you know what you have to do. After all who can ignite your mind and body at the same time? ” it chuckled.

Bruce looked up at the blue clear sky, gritted his teeth and swore
I know what I have to. When I do I hope you deliver DR CRANE. You won’t want batman to hold you for mal practice.

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