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Aug. 25th, 2008 | 03:18 am
Feeling A Bit: thirstythirsty
posted by: benji_billy16 in toaster_fiction

Ok so I got this idea from http://community.livejournal.com/codiasi/5112.html, a wrestling community.

1. Please include Wayne and Crane your drabbles.

2. It doesn't even have to have a pairing, if you want to have, say, Bruce thinking about a being Batman, go for it!

3. Drabble (100 words) is a suggestion. It's fine if it's longer, though.

4. Your drabble must be posted as a comment to this entry.

5. Include a word, phrase or sentence from a previous drabble in the tree. Put it in the subject line and bold it.

6. Anyone can riff on any drabble in the tree, including the initial one, or their own. Just reply to the drabble you're riffing from.

7. Write as many drabbles as you want.

8. Drabbles only, please. No comments. Show your appreciation by jumping off someone else's drabble.

9. If you have any questions, ask me. I won't beat you if you need help, mmkay?


Jonathan Crane yawned softly as he walked down the hall of Arkham before he sat down infront of the door to the new bosses office, he felt oddly like a school boy waiting to see the principal.

"Mister Wayne will see you know." The blond secritary said as she looked up at him with a small glare.

Jonathan looked up and nodded his head before getting up and walking into Bruce's office. "You wanted to see me Mr.Wayne?" He asked with a small tilt of his head before sitting down in a free chair.

"Ah Dr.Crane yes I did, I was just wondering, what you where doing tonight." He said with a smile on his face.

Jonathan blinked before adjusting his glasses. "Nothing really, just the usual, work, eat, read a bit, and then go to bed." He said, leaving out the talking with Ras Al Ghul about the fear toxin.

"Well then you will begoing out with me tonight, and you don't have a say in the matter, you see I know who you are and I'm going let you stay out of jail or being an inmate here at Arkham by making a deal with you." Bruce's dark eyes glowed wickedly as he licked his lips. "I won't tell the police that your the one responable for the toxin IF you agree to become my lover." Bruce wasn't the only one who wanted this, Batman had been wanting to get his hands on Scarecrow for more then just revenge.

Jonathan was shocked, so much so that he couldn't even get Scarecrow to come to the serface to take care of things. Looking down, the blue eyed young man could see no other way. "Alright." Was all he haid before he found himself being kissed by Bruce.

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